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 Covid Update: I have re-introduced  home and office consultations to complement to my virtual video consultations.

In order to protect my clients and myself I am minimising face -to -face time and will ask you to attend a short assessment video consultation prior to any home visit being offered, This will be reimbursed when a home or office visit has been carried out. I am double vaccinated and happy to wear a face covering.

Prices include travel if within a 10-mile radius of Clifton and a visit summary report via email. Also included is reasonable follow up advice via email, text, WhatsApp or phone as needed for the first two weeks post visit.

A Pre -assessment video before a home or office visit up to 15 minutes is £10, however, will be reimbursed if a home or office visit takes place.

One Hour Video Consultation Video Consultation £50 (up to 1 hour)

Can be used for one -to -one support and advice about breastfeeding, starting solids, sleep, encouraging play, behaviour management, sibling rivalry etc

Home Visit (up to 90minutes) £130

Face -to -face home visit following a pre- assessment video. Travel if within 10 mile radius of Clifton, a visit summary by email and reasonable follow up advice via email, text, WhatsApp or phone as needed for the first two weeks post visit is included.

Conchita 4 Breastfeeding

Two Hour Video Consultation

Video Consultation £95 (up to 2 hours). Can be used for support and advice about breastfeeding, starting solids, sleep,  encouraging play, behaviour management, sibling rivalry etc

Office Consultation (up to 60 minutes) £55

This will be Pre -booked Office consultation up to 60 minutes following a pre- assessment video. A visit summary by email and reasonable follow up advice via email, text, WhatsApp or phone as needed for the first two weeks post visit is included.

Home Visit up to 60 minutes plus a pre-booked 30 minute follow up office consultation £135

This will be following a pre- assessment video before visiting at home. Travel if within 10mile radius of Clifton, a visit summary by email and reasonable follow up advice via email, text, WhatsApp or phone as needed for the first two weeks post visit is included.


“8 months have already passed, and we are still successfully breastfeeding. I wanted to thank you for your help and support. We wouldn’t have been able to succeed without you. It’s amazing that people with such knowledge exist and help new mums. I find breastfeeding the best part of motherhood so again thank you. I wish you all the best and many more happy stories like ours”.  Weronica in London Feb 2020

I contacted Conchita when I had a 5 day old baby who wasn’t putting on weight. He was feeding, but it was excruciatingly painful, and I was in a sorry state. Conchita made herself available the very next day and was like a breath of fresh air. She spent time listening to my situation, and asked in-depth questions so was completely aware of my specific situation. Her no-nonsense approach coupled with her cheerful and positive demeanour instantly raised my spirits and gave me confidence in what I was doing. The effect was lasting - we used the techniques she taught us (and it was very much “us” - she made my partner feel very involved as well which was great) over the weeks to great effect. 
She went through a range of feeding positions, and some “tummy time” activities that also helped to wind him. Everything was clearly explained and demonstrated and we were very comfortable recreating the feeding positions on our own. 
Additionally, she was always available in the weeks afterwards to answer questions and queries over the phone. 
I cannot thank her enough for her help; Conchita is a font of knowledge, a consummate professional and an all-round lovely person, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Marinel in London March 2020

“We first met Conchita when our son was just a few days old when he was losing weight because I was not producing enough milk to satisfy him.

Conchita immediately supported me with my aim to continue to breastfeed him by giving expert advice on the best way to increase my milk supply and the best way of positioning so that I could help him to latch.

She spent a number of hours with us and was not only a great teacher but also brought with her a fantastic sense of humour which was so welcome after a difficult first few days. Her advice was instrumental to me continuing to breastfeed him and he went on to gain weight steadily.

We then sought Conchita’s help again when my son was almost 3 months old because I was suffering from repeated bouts of mastitis. She again was very supportive, thoroughly assessing how I was feeding and positioning him.  As a result, we are now having little one assessed for tongue-tie, something no-one else had suggested or thought we should pursue given my history.

At our request, Conchita was also able to advise me on breast care, sleep routines and appropriate play with a young baby”. Miranda and Ben in London, Feb 2020


"Those first few days of being a new mother are very stressful, Conchita really helped to put my husband and I at ease. Her advice and tips on breastfeeding have been invaluable.

Her bubbly personality made it very easy to talk to her and she's been a fountain of knowledge. Thanks to her, my daughter and I have had a wonderful experience with Breastfeeding. Thank you.

Conchita has guided me from the start of motherhood. Conchita helped me with breastfeeding and my transition back to work. Thanks to her concrete and useful tips my son was exclusively fed breast milk.

Early on Conchita also advised us on the importance of a bedtime routines and since he was roughly two months old, he has been easy to put to bed (an aspect greatly appreciated by our babysitters).

 Conchita has advised us on ‘starting solids’ and I am now filled with confidence in embarking on little one’s next big milestone.

Conchita has a fantastic personality and always delivers her valuable advice with a smile and a sense of humour. She is very inclusive and encourages husbands and other carers to sit in on her visits. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Conchita to parents with young children."

Maria in Hong Kong, July 2016

“Thank you very much for making not one, but two visits yesterday and offering great advice regarding both children. I was quite desperate and you really saved the day! Should I need your assistance again, I will not hesitate to contact you and I will be referring you to my friends as well!

Thanks again for your valuable time and advice! “A

“Conchita was structured in her approach and relayed a huge amount of information. Sitting on the couch with me, she had one eye on baby S, one on my helper Gina, and one on the dog - provided advice to us all!
I loved the fact she used all manner of props to give examples from YouTube videos to reading materials she left with me to review later.
She has a hands-on approach going into the kitchen to show me how to prepare avocado and cheese for baby-led weaning.

I was most impressed with her knowledge around health and nutrition in line with the latest food pyramids etc. A wealth of information!!
And after all that we moved on to sleep training.
I will definitely be having Conchita back for a 4-hour visit a month after I start work to do baby safety assessment, helper assessment, etc.

This woman is a powerhouse of information, delivered in a manner that left a sometimes-jittery first-time mom feeling empowered and looking forward to going back to work.
Please extend my thanks to Conchita! “AC

“During those early weeks, Conchita’s visits helped us get through difficult days and nights. Breastfeeding was difficult for me due to my medical history. Without her support I would not have been able to breastfeed at all.

With proper planning before my daughter's birth and support afterwards, I was able to provide breast milk to my daughter for 10 weeks. While that might seem like a short time for many mothers, for me, it was a major accomplishment. During those 10 weeks, when things got difficult & I wasn't sure I could continue, the support from Conchita helped very much. Her family centered and strengths based approach helped me to think through what the goal was for me, my baby and my family and what was going to make for a happy mom and happy baby, without any pressure to continue breastfeeding.

Since giving birth, I have come to clinic, had home visits, and one to one meetings with Conchita. I appreciate that I can ask any parenting, childcare or medical question, no matter how big or small. And unlike visits with paediatricians, Conchita focuses on our entire family's wellness and happiness, not just our baby's. It is very comforting to know that Conchita is available through all the stages of my daughter’s development. I am looking forward to discussing the next milestone with Conchita, starting solids. Conchita has been able to provide the medical support and emotional support that all new parents need.
 Thank you for all that you do”.R

“Thank you for all your help, kindness, and advice. I want to thank Conchita who helped me gain confidence.  Having her was a positive experience and also made my life easier. She was very cheerful and a good mentor”. A

“Conchita has been a wonderful guide for me as I navigate life with my first child, who's now 20 months old. Conchita has helped me through some tricky times and I find the expertise and reassurance she provides when I seek her counsel invaluable. Indeed, we recently moved from Hong Kong to Singapore and I still rely on Conchita's advice and support to guide me through motherhood”. H

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